Bumblerock Farm products
As the season progresses, we will list items we have for sale - both the varieties and quantity available. If you are unable to make it to market, please call or email a list of what you wish to purchase, we'll make arrangements to get things to you. This way your food is farm-fresh, we meet our customers, and you get to know your farmer - everyone wins! 

Below is a short list of the products we feature.


We have a growing line of all natural honey products, including liquid, creamed, and our delicious honey butter, as well as beeswax candles. Comb honey and buckwheat honey are also being planned for this fall.

Our ladies are fed organic feed and get as much fresh air as they like, and give us great tasting eggs in return. 

We farm organically (uncertified), and only use open pollinated seed. We grow many types of vegetables, and different varieties of each. Many are rare heirlooms. Seed saving is an important part of our farm, and some varieties are being grown this year primarily for seed production.
We feel that everyone can benefit from not only saving, but eating these tasty, unique and beautiful vegetables.  

For more information or to place an order, please contact us either via email. You may also call us at 613-396-1388.

We look forward to meeting you!

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